I Have a 1 CC Syringe, How Much Pen G Should I Give My Bunny?

Taking care of a pet bunny can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenge. One important aspect of bunny care is administering medication, and it’s important to know how much medication to give your bunny to ensure their health and well-being.

What is Pen G?

Pen G is a type of antibiotic that is commonly used in rabbits. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, meaning that it is effective against a wide range of bacteria. Pen G is typically used to treat bacterial infections in rabbits, such as pneumonia, infections of the urinary tract, and infections of the digestive tract.

How to Administer Pen G to Your Bunny?

When administering Pen G to your bunny, it’s important to use the right syringe and the right dosage. Here are some tips to help you administer the medication properly:

    1. Use a 1 CC syringe. This is the correct size syringe for administering medication to rabbits.
    2. Check the label on the medication to determine the correct dosage for your bunny’s weight. The dosage of Pen G for rabbits typically ranges from 10 to 20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.
    3. Draw the correct amount of medication into the syringe. Be sure to use the markings on the syringe to measure the correct amount of medication.
    4. Gently hold your bunny and lift their chin with one hand. With your other hand, insert the tip of the syringe into the corner of your bunny’s mouth. Be sure to avoid touching the back of your bunny’s throat.
    5. Slowly and gently press the plunger on the syringe to administer the medication. Be careful not to inject the medication too quickly, as this can cause your bunny to choke.
    6. After administering the medication, gently stroke your bunny’s throat to encourage them to swallow the medication. It’s also a good idea to offer your bunny some water to help them swallow the medication.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the medication label and administer the medication at the correct intervals to ensure the most effective treatment.

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